And 2015 is in the books…


Thank you to the filmmakers, fans and volunteers who made the 2015 Austin Revolution a great success. We had full theaters, lively discussions and a great spirit of friendship and family.

Here’s to 2016…

The award winners….


2015 Filmmaker of the Year :  Ya’Ke Smith


Female Filmmakers of the Year

Meagan Flynn-Mesmer

Claudia Pickering


Guest Award

Jason Tostevin


Director’s Choice

Feature:  Frisky

Short: The Ephesian

Horror:  The Resurrections of Clarence Neveldine & The Cabin

Documentary:  Sweethearts of the Gridiron

Actor:  Brian Spangler

Actress:  Jamie Elizabeth

Video:  How to Dance

Director:  Cedric Smith

Student:  Read

Feature Script: The Radio Woman by Nick Sanford

Short Script: Fifty Dollars


“Ambassador Global” Best US Feature Comedy

The Life And Death Of An Unhappily Married Man


Ambassador Global  Best Us Feature Drama

Christine At The Crossroads


Best Horror Feature



“UT Center for European Studies” Best Foreign Feature

Bad City


“Show Up Media” Best Doc Short

Brooklyn United


“Show Up Media” Best Doc Feature

One In A Million


“Julia Artaza” Best Actor Feature

Tommy Beardmore – Life and Death Of An Unhappily Married Man


“Isabella Artaza” Best Actress Feature

Meg Saricks – Nailbiter


“Trail Dance Film Fest” Best Produced Screenplay (Feature)

Mulberry Stains


“#GoLoad” Best Short Drama

If Trees Could Talk


“#GoLoad” Best Short Thriller

A Way Out


“#GoLoad” Best Short Romance



“#GoLoad” Best Short Comedy

Uterus Chat


Best Sci-Fi Short

Into the Dark


Best Western Short



Best Horror Short



“UT Center for European Studies” Best Foreign Short

Synapse Dance


Best Animated

Fallen Phoenix


Best Micro Short

Bad Connections


“Giovanni Artaza” Best Actor Short

Anthony Eugene Stratton – Nesting Grounds


“Gabriella Artaza “Best Actress Short

Ruth Reynolds – Kook


Best Child Actor

Kaitlynn Neill – Holly King


“Trail Dance” Best Produced Screenplay Short

Ocean Pond


Best Web Series

Rough Cut


“Sherie Artaza” Best Web Series Performer`

Adam Hampton – Rough Cut


Best Director

Short – Jason Tostevin

Feature – Josh Hope


Music Production

Crouching Lion, Hidden Treasure


Best Texas Director

Brett Bentman


Best Texas Short Drama

Moving Day


Best Texas Comedy Short

Zombie Jesus


Best Texas Horror Short

Holly King


Best Texas Feature Drama

Age of Reason


Best Texas Feature Comedy

Just My Luck


Best Texas Actor

Noel Gaulin – Behind The Nose


Best Texas Actress

Tracey Ely – Buzzed


#GoLoad Award:

The Monsters


Best F/X

Pete Winning


Best Cinematography

Mortal Dilemma


Best Poster

Between Hell And A Hard Place

Best Trailer:

The Reckoning


Best Student Short

Newbie Newsboy

The Secret To Living



Feature Scripts

Blind Spot by Randall Greenland

Walking Point by Bobby Nevens

Plus One by Marcie Price Jackson

Fault Line by Sandra Cavanaugh


Short Scripts

Emma & Holly Audition For Audition For Sharkpocalypse by Lorraine Portman

A Visit From Mormons by Ted Satterfield


TV Pilot

Leave It To Cleaver by Ashley Marie

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