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A Night At The Drafthouse -featuring ONE ACT PLAY

Date: Sept 19, 2018
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One Act Play - One Act Play presents an inside look at the intense dramas unfolding between theatre directors and their ensembles as they travel across Texas for an elimination style tournament culminating at the state competition in Austin.

Guest of Honor - Struck by tragedy, a married couple goes ahead with their anniversary party, when an unusual guest arrives. (Texas Short)

Jesse's Girl - A woman tries to break off her engagement, at her bridal shower. (U.S. Short)

Leecher - Leecher is a supernatural thriller short-film about a tormented woman who vows to find her long lost brother, a man with an inexplicable power to take the spirit, knowledge, and skills of those he kills.
Leecher is about family loyalty, moral ambiguity, and the internal conflict of taking life, all through the surreal lens of a superhuman story-world with the town of Moulton, TX as its backdrop. (Texas Short)

Learning the Ropes: Behind the Curtain of America’s Pro Wrestling School - A short documentary that pulls back the curtain on an upstart pro wrestling school in Austin, Texas. For the students and trainers here, the performance lifestyle of wrestling has become a way out of – and for some a way into – very real personal struggles. (Student Short)

Prenatal - Mysteriously eight months pregnant overnight, Katie believes the Angels responsible, but her sister thinks differently. (Texas Short)

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