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Muse - A painter's life is forever changed when a mythical and deadly spirit from Celtic lore (a Leannán Sí) becomes his muse and lover. (U.S. Feature)

Cypress Bayou TV Series Trailer - When a mysterious young woman finds her way to the sleepy slumberous town of Cypress Bayou, she unknowingly releases a string of malicious murders, as the deeply felt, but rarely seen, sinister dark magic is awakened once more in the bayou. "Game of Thrones meets True Blood" Find us on Instagram @CBayouFandom (Trailer)

Black Cat (Space Suit) - Never get caught in your space suit, without a black cat. (Music Video)

LA SIRENA - LA SIRENA is a psychosexual fairy tale about Mia, a woman who lives in a small fishing village and is having an affair with Hector, a married fisherman. On the day Hector threatens to end the affair, Mia discovers a mysterious woman, Mara, washed up on shore, naked and with a hook lodged into her ribcage. After Mia brings her home and heals her wound, Mara tells her that a fisherman tried to stab her in the heart. With suspicions that Hector might have been involved, Mia is forced to confront Hector and, eventually, surrenders to her own inner monster to avenge her broken heart. (Student Short)

Sylphvania Grove - A troubled girl follows a magical being into the woods where her fears take on fantastic forms. (U.S. Short)

I'm in a Pickle! - A car dealer is in a pickle, and boy is he stuck! (Texas Micro Short)

Unzipping - Ella is unfulfilled. One night, she discovers a zipper tab under her husband’s tongue. She pulls it and her entire life changes. But when newness turns into the new normal, once again, Ella is unfulfilled. She realizes her mistake: the problem has always been her. (U.S. Short)

Sonny Vicious - A beaten down man struggles with memories of his past as he battles demons in a nightmarish noir city. (Texas Short)
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