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Curtains (film trailer) - "Curtains" tells the story of Peter Fleming, the defiantly independent founder of a once-hot avant-garde troupe who loses everything — his funding, his lover and his beloved theatre — because of disturbing creative choices and his refusal to sell out.

One Bedroom - Breaking up is easy. Moving out is hard. After five years of ups and downs, an African-American 30-something couple in a gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood spends their final afternoon together arguing and remember better days, as one of them moves out and hopefully on with her life.

Holiday Hostage - It’s Thanksgiving night and siblings Abby and David just want to quickly eat their turkey and ditch their overbearing “still has their umbilical cords” Jewish mother. Before they can make their getaway, Gary, a deranged ex-convict, breaks in and takes the family hostage. Tensions are high, family secrets are revealed, and Gary’s getting so annoyed he’s starting to regret this. At least Grandma is here to calm the family down. Just kidding, she’s batshit crazy. Can this dysfunctional family make peace with one another before they’re offed? Oy vey!
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