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"Cold Open" Block

Date: Sept 22, 2018


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Falling South - Charlotte puts Rochester in the rear view as she runs away from the life she has known. She has never been on her own and doesn't know if she'll make it as her resources are stripped away. She meets diverse women who offer connection, insight, and laughter on the road to Florida and a possible new life.

The Root Cellar - While investigating a deadly house fire, a Police Chief and Detective try to get answers from a mysterious man who was found in a cellar under the rubble.

Discernment - First impressions amidst people watching, and the dire situations that lead good people to do bad things.

The Visit - Devastated by the loss of his wife and son, Ben responds to his mother's sudden request for a visit. But when she announces the alleged arrival of his departed family, what he strives to sustain as a gentle encounter soon spirals into torment, finally revealing a most unsettling truth.
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