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"Diamonds Are Forever" Block

Date: Sept 21, 2018



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"Diamonds Are Forever" Block
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Step One - Stuck at a train crossing on the way to his first AA meeting, Jeff finds that getting the words out is harder than he thought.

The Guardian Trailer - A young woman who has lost her faith must come to terms with God's plan for her and lead others to safety.

Good From The Bad - An outcast combat veteran living amidst the desolation of the South Texas border country finds common ground with an undocumented immigrant fighting for her life on the migrant trail.


Beyond Our Mountains - How do you heal? In a Kosovo city cracked along the river, a young Serbian-Albanian couple must decide their future when she is accepted to study where he cannot follow.

No Pressure - Percy wants out. Stuck working as a glorified ball boy, dredging a stagnant pond for golf balls for the middle-aged- middle-classes, he longs for coral reefs, blue ocean and undiscovered treasures. When Percy fishes an antique medallion etched with runes out of the lake and a google search links it to a mythical underwater utopia, Percy’s imagination begins to run away with him. Will Percy forget the medallion and resign himself to a life of comfortable unhappiness, or will he take the plunge?

One Night Stand - A successful businessman, meets his soul mate during a business trip. Fed up with his dysfunctional marriage he wants to give this unexpected affair a chance. Unfortunately destiny has a different plan.

Orchid - Two women spend all day together but rarely connect, until they ultimately change the course of each other’s lives.

Bad Things - When her older sister gets suspended, an eight year old girl on scholarship at an elite private school starts to lose faith in the idea that hard work is all it takes to get ahead.

Willow - As young Willow’s discordant childhood unfurls, she is carried from home to home by her restless and spirited mother. Her early fixation on Bunny initially allows her to find a refuge among the chaos. As she grows and faces a life on her own, her sanctuary becomes an insulation from the outside world. When the opportunity to break free from her self- created confines presents itself, Willow reconciles a connection to her past and takes a leap, finding a place to be comfortable in her own skin.

The Reunion

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