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"Dr. Noooo!" Block

Date: Sept 21, 2018

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"Dr. Noooo!" Block
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Cluck Ol' Hen - Whiskey Shivers - A desperate man puts on a show.

Skip - Tonight is the big night when Paul pops the question to Amanda, yet for some reason, both of them feel like they have done this before.

Rainy Season - Based on the story by Stephen King, Rainy Season follows a young couple who arrive in the small town of Willow, ME. They are warned to leave, but ignore the warnings and learn the horrific price the town must pay for prosperity. The Rainy Season has come back to Willow and when it rains...they pour.

Ramona - This too shall pass - A famous 80-year-old female model reveals in front of a camera her torturous past. A "Spaghetti Western" with a Mexican twist.
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