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"For Your Eyes Only" Block

Date: Sept 21, 2018


Comedy , Drama

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"For Your Eyes Only" Block
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Buttercup - Maggie is dealing with the aftermath of her mother’s death when her old friend Janie unexpectedly swoops in to help her process her grief.

COOL GIRLS "HOW TO THROW A GIRLS NIGHT OUT" - After a tragic "breakup" with her love interest, James, Amber convinces Terri to end her long distance relationship with Tom. In turn, the two decide to throw an emergency girls night. Amber preps Terri for the occasion.

Miles of Scarves - While on a date a young man runs into a local magician and things get out of hand.

Do I Talk Like That? - Three grown ass men have a slumber party and obsess about weight and women.

Another Girl - Sam’s ex-lovers aren’t so “ex” to him. In fact, they always seem to re-appear at the worst possible moment, sabotaging his hopes of finding new love. Can Sam banish them from his life before they ruin his chances with the newfound girl of his dreams? Swaying delicately between dry wit and wistful vulnerability, “Another Girl” playfully explores the way our relationships shape who we are, and offers a fresh perspective on sex, love, and self-acceptance.

Here, Hold Grandma - Ellen, a nitpicking wasp, and Kelly, her free-spirited, 20-something daughter clash in the desert while fulfilling Grandma’s final wish… to spread her ashes on the exact spot Ellen was conceived.

The Plague Doctor - Trailer - A young doctor finds himself trapped in deranged visions. The echoes of a timeless love cause him to mix reality with the obscure legend of a haunted Venetian island and the ancient Italian mask of the plague doctor.

Memory Box - A man's visit with a loved one leads to a shattering revelation.

6ate7 - Tim, putting the final touches on his 'Vol 7 - Songs for and about Em' CD mix (his annual anniversary gift to the love of his life), joyfully discovers a letter from Emma's gynecologist. It can only mean the good news that she is pregnant - something they have been trying to do for a long time. Playful banter quickly descends into harsh accusations as they dance around each other, searching for the truth, seemingly too ugly to bear. Alone, Tim comes upon a mother and son and in their interaction, realizes what Emma had really done. What appeared to be betrayal was, in truth, the highest love and greatest sacrifice.

Group: Pilot - A dark comedy about group therapy where the therapist is as lost as the group he leads.
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