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Dragtivists - Dragtivists is a short documentary about the intersection of activism and drag performance.

Driven - The Bryce Cornet Story - Driven, is the story a young racer's determination to make it to the top. The world of Autosports is incredibly competitive, and costly. The road to success is long, and winding, but Bryce Cornet and his family know that there is no substitute for dedication, and drive.

Dominguez vs Dominguez - Dominguez vs. Dominguez Synopsis Michael Dominguez is a 61 year-old former championship boxer. The film explores why and how Michael, a former championship boxer went through his entire life as a boxer and later in life not ever learning how to read or write. Dominguez is a 61-year old boxer who won the 1981 Golden Glove 132-lb Open Championship and was also a member of the USA boxing team with Gold medalist Mark Breland. Two opponents that Dominguez was never able to beat are achieving literacy and himself. The film feature, Gold medalist, Mark Breland, his sister, singer/songwriter Brenda K Starr and Golden glove Trainer, Willie Dunne

Flin Flon: A Hockey Town - The mining town of Flin Flon is similar to most other small towns with one major exception – the community is lovingly obsessed with their junior hockey team, which over the decades has spawned several National Hockey League legends. Flin Flon, named for a science fiction character, lives and dies with its beloved Bombers. As we travel with the Bombers on bus rides through the heartland, not only do we experience the excitement and anxieties of young athletes reaching for their dream, but we also discover the townsfolk who support the players not as athletes, but as young men aspiring to reach heights very few attain. With loyalty and affection, players and fans thrive off one another to make themselves the best they can be.
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