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"License Revoked" Block

Date: Sept 21, 2018

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"License Revoked" Block
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CALIFORNIA ROLL - A local sushi bar becomes the stage for a spicy reckoning when two inept robbers take a gamble with defiant patrons, and their own uncertain future.

Candyland - Two hard-edged representatives from the Jupiter Candy Co. make their last stop for the night at Grimley Grocery, where the management may not be meeting their end of a pricey bargain. Things quickly turn from sweet to sour.

Laurels - French director Pauline Sala's sophomore film hasn't had the same success as her first, and so her Los Angeles premiere falls to the fledgling L.A. Art Film Festival. To make matter worse, she learns that a strange short film director is sharing her hotel room in order to save the festival money. However, this strange woman has a secret that Pauline will soon learn, and won't ever forget.

Filth City - When a mayor running for re-election is caught on video smoking crack, he'll do whatever it takes to keep it out of the wrong hands. Inspired by true events.

Edgar & Ellie - In the middle of planning his next heist a heartbroken thief ignores his accomplice's advice and tries to win back his ex-girlfriend.

Tracy Buckles - TRACY BUCKLES is a fantasy/comedy that takes place in a world where spells and potions are commonplace. Think of it as a mash-up between Harry Potter and a Judd Apatow movie. A young woman, by the name of Tracy, falls victim to a despicable curse that prevents other people from hearing her voice. She joins forces with a nameless drifter and a bumbling wizard in order to break free from the evil sorcery.
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