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Shiny Red Car - A story of a girl who is fed up with her current job situation. After reaching the breaking point, decides to do what she's always wanted-- invest in her dream car and take a road trip to find herself. After some self discovery, she realized she would always be in control of her own happiness. This leads her to pursue a job that is truly fulfilling.

The Emoji Song - Is the modern man overdoing it with the emojis? Actor/singer/songwriter Ben Rauch would argue a definitive YES! “THE EMOJI SONG," is a cautionary, comedic music video exploring the dangers of today's relationships that can be both created and destroyed over the phone. Rauch reminds us that emoji's have their place in a budding romance - but when they take over the entire relationship - you're bound to end up, as he did - stuck single with nothing to show for it but a sad face (not unlike the tearful emoji that ubiquitously signals our pain over text.) Whether the audience is a woman who's previously cut a relationship short over emoji overdose, or a man who recognizes his over-reliance on the expressive creatures that live in his phone -- "The Emoji Song" is truly a music video that anyone who has a smartphone can relate to!

The Importance of Sex Education - In 1976, a 12-year-old girl tries to unravel the mysteries of sex ed.

The Great Wall Of Vicky Lynn - For Vicky Lynn, there are three rules - Rule no.1: no dance club, no.2: no dance club, no 3: no dance club. So when her school dance club opens auditions, she must choose between forging her own path and following tradition.

Foxy Trot - A married couple unexpectedly face their relationship issues when they take ballroom dance lessons in a very heteronormative class.

OK Grey - A malfunctioning smart assistant sets out on an epic quest to find the music in his heart and also kinda maybe sorta become a samurai.

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