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Flushed - Ben popped the question but now it looks like their future may be flushed!

NeerDoWells - In this 1990's-esque slacker comedy, at their local art house movie theater a group of Millennials hang out, argue, fall in love and try their hardest to do nothing at all.

WTFN? - Married couple Valerie and Arthur have a sexy proposal for their good friend Clifford, but he needs some convincing before he'll go through with it.

Casual Encounters - A depressed man tries to get back with his ex while drowning his depression in meaningless hook-ups.

Shadows in the Dark - What happens when a small town theater troupe decides to make their own film? This "Airplane"-esque comedy of errors is the hilarious answer to that question. Even the title is a joke!

Lilly White - After her hands are severely damaged in an accident, an over-zealous hand model hatches an ill-conceived plan to get back in the extremity modeling game with her feet.

The CoffeeMaker - Three strangers meet at a coffee shop to interview for a barista position, only in this world, Coffeemaker means Hitman.

Amy's In The Freezer - A bank robber grabs a hostage during a botched robbery and brings her up to his cabin where he discovers the hard way that he's abducted a female serial killer.

Schwinging - Rick is a washed up golf instructor at Cooper's Club. He sleeps with his female clients and thinks life is great until he runs into his old pal Kevin. Does Rick have a change in heart in what he is doing, or will he just keep on swinging?

Sink or Swim - A big-hearted high school swim coach finally loses it after discovering that his ragtag swim team is being tormented by the school’s maniacal baseball coach.

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