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"Tomorrow Never Dies" Block

Date: Sept 22, 2018


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Bernadette - 1994 was the perfect summer... for heartache. At 15, Archie Kinsler has an impossible goal: to win the heart of Bernadette, a much older French foreign exchange student and local lifeguard, before she returns home at the end of the season. To gain her affection, Archie enlists the help of his first boss, Dixon, a local lothario, suburban legend, and the park district’s least valuable employee. Under Dixon's tutelage, Archie and his friends learn about love, adulthood, and all the things that books can’t teach.

Alien Baby - Annie rushes to work, balloons in tow, hoping to congratulate her newly pregnant coworker. But an awkward attempt at office pleasantries soon spirals into a neurotic meltdown, exposing their true feelings on childbirth.
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