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"Bybee's Bat" Block

Date: Feb 17, 2022
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
#RELATIONSHIPGOALS: An unhealthy obsession with social media sends a man into a downward spiral.

2 Below 0: Frostbitten & love smitten! It's the bitterly cold Winter of 1979 as Rusty types away in his trailer. His fiancé had just left him at the alter and in response, Rusty uproots himself from Minnesota and relocates to the middle of nowhere...

A Very Quarantine Christmas.. in July: Three naive and compulsive roommates live in a pink house during the “Shelter in Place.” When the house run’s out of toilet paper, the roommates begin a series of events that threaten the order of the home.

City Creatures: Joann and Stephen, a recently relocated couple, confront the financial strains of their new home and the peculiarity of their new neighbors...

Dentists: A struggling actress pretends to be a dentist one night while out drinking, and accidentally hooks up with a real dentist. As their relationship flourishes, the lies get worse, and hilarity ensues.

Dumpster: What would you do if you showed up to the perfect picnic spot and there was a dumpster sitting right where you wanted to drink a glass of wine with your date? If you're Wyamm you investigate the nuisance and share all of your insecurities with the person you find living inside.

Fifteen Minutes To Go: When time drags on before the date of his life, a love-struck man will do anything to make time go by a little bit quicker.

Friend Hunter:The FBI Behavioral Science Department sets out to interview the very charismatic Ted Bundy. How will this end? (This is a Mindhunter Spoof)

FRUITLESS: In this dramedy short, a lonely 40-something woman goes to drastic lengths to join the young mom's group that meets outside her window.

Killer Friends: 2 hit men argue about 90's sitcoms on their way to a Job.
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