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"College Daze" Block

Date: Feb 17, 2022
Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Bitter: A suspicious, intolerant neighbor wants to take down a little girl's lemonade stand

Glory: Glory loves her life of flying across the sky, but when a sudden disaster strikes she must learn to adapt to an entirely new world.

Hipposterous: Jack and Lovey go on a wild adventure after a flying pygmy hippo steals their pacifier and leads them on a zoo - spanning chase!

Homesickening: Five twentysomethings living quarantined together search for meaning in each other and confront their own mortality as they start to succumb to an impending plague.

Living Room: Dylan comes home to find his girlfriend, Alanah, is hiding something from him. While he was at work, his roommate died. Now, the couple must figure out which will decompose first: their relationship or their roommate.

Mafia Pizza: A short comedy/drama film about a rebellious teenager whose mother makes him get a job after repeatedly getting in trouble. He gets a job at a local pizzeria but finds out is run by the mafia that is using the pizzeria as a storefront.

Popped Culture: After 'rescuing' Princess Futura by blowing up her homeworld, Kid Conrad must make things right. A proof of concept for a television show-video game hybrid.

Roofing in July
Rule of Threes: Hazel and Ezra are ready to get out of town, but when they find the perfect threesome partner, the couple discovers they may not be as prepared to leave as they once thought.

Saving Salvador: A dark comedy about three sisters who take matters into their own hands when bureaucratic chaos prevents them from doing what’s right for their father.

The Detour: A 19 year old boy's life is turned upside down when he learns that his girlfriend of only a few weeks is suddenly pregnant.

The Gate: A man with questionable business practices wakes up in the afterlife and finds himself represented by a jaded celestial attorney on whom his soul’s destinations depends.
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