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"Film 101" Block

Date: Feb 16, 2022
Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
10 Minutes

Closed for Christmas: A story about a couple with a mission to give animals a chance for a better life.

First Impressions: Randall wants to impress his girlfriend and her friends at their weekly game night with his favorite game, but things don't quite go as planned...

Oh Deer: A dark comedy about the perils of parenting.

San Marcos River Project: The San Marcos River project is a San Marcos Texas community wide attempt to keep the river alive. It shows the San Marcos river’s persistence: fighting against invasive plants, replacing them with native species (including famous Texas Wild Rice that grows only in this river and nowhere else on the planet), cleaning up trash left by tourists, and trying to spread knowledge about this magical area. It is up to us to decide what the future of this area and all its inhabitants will look like.

Scattered: A brother and sister make an overnight drive to scatter their parent's ashes.

Throw Like a Girl: Despite the odds, Tanya Benter dreams of playing Major League Baseball. Her brother Brian has helped her become one of her high school's best players. Now she faces the inevitable. Male teammates are increasingly bigger, faster, and stronger. In frustration at herself and the chauvinism of rivals, she throws a mistake pitch and is hit in the head by a line drive.

The Mushroom Huntress: After Leigh is cut off from her cold, wealthy mother, and witnesses the arrest of her loving-yet-scheming father, she attempts to support herself by capitalizing on her love of wild mushrooms. But while foraging along the forest floor she discovers a shocking family secret.

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