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I See A Darkness: Alex is a photographer working for a commercial agency. He’s weary from creating uninspired content at the job and an increasingly dysfunctional relationship at home. The more he tries to fit in at work and justify his relationship the further away those bonds become...

McRorey Rd: McCrorey Rd. details how childhood sexual trauma affects a teenager struggling to cope with her past.

Mettle: A group is attacked by an unknown creature. A woman is knocked unconscious during the attack and thought dead. The next day she awakens with a mission.

Running Interference: Quarterback Ryan McDermott took a hard hit last season, knocking him out for the remainder of the year. As the upcoming season approaches, Ryan strives to get back in the game, but his haunting memories won’t make that easy.

Where is it, Laura?: They want her. She wants revenge.
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