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"Look Jack, Daddy Named A Block After You"

Date: Feb 19, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Undertaker: A man discovers his world is not all that it seems and he discovers that he is not what he is.

Alexandra: A carnival hand falls in love with a circus starlit and decides to visit the Great Crystal Seer, Alexandra, to uncover more about his fate.

Jeff Hilliard - Silicone Wave: A song about a man's fearless love with his sex doll. Jeff Hilliard has gone his own way with his music video Silicone Wave.

Kelly Blue: A song about sadness and hope; a video about a balloon and a boy. Shot during the pandemic by a filmmaker, his wife, and their son.

Out of Love: This is a beautiful song and a cautionary tale – when romance turns to routine, love gets flipped upside down...

ROCKS & SALT - Kentucky Straight Blues: When the Americana duo, Rocks & Salt, stumble into a dive bar performance, they bring a signature sound and energy resembling a Whiskey fueled fever dream, chasing frequencies that can only be found at the bottom of a bottle Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

The Golden Man: Even when the world is burning, the nuclear family continues unchanged. A brother and sister fight, and reconcile in this heartfelt music video, featuring the work of of the band Fellow Robot.

Voice Box: Music video for Why Bonnie's single "Voice Box"

The Lost Clan of Bold Maneuvering: An innocent woodenkid is lured into retrieving an orb of evil from deep caverns by an all-seeing moon.

Go Rona Rona: Music Video Spoof of Joe Exotic from Tiger King's "Here Kitty Kitty" called Go Rona Rona.

Good Wilson - Walk the Talk: In "Walk the Talk" the band relives their gym class childhood trauma.

Momma's Bible Music Video: 15 year old Cam Shelton performs the song Momma's bible written by him.

Pearl Cadillac: Gary Clark Jr. is heading down the road of life and looking back to where he came from. Shot in black and white super35mm, 'Pearl Cadillac' showcases moonlight as the image of a mother's love.

Strut - 1980s (Music Video): Pierre’s prized pink flamingo has been brazenly pickpocketed! The shocking crime has led to a phone call to the FBI (Flamingo Bureau of Investigation) & the search is on...
The News: We fly through various wormholes as a bevy of famous news hosts sing to us about the inherent hypocrisy formed by a mass media whose goal is to profit rather than to inform.

Wanted: A Sasha Dobson music video. Sasha breaks free from her apathetic and abusive boyfriend to pursue her music.

Without You: Music Video to the title track of Country Music artist Rikki Todd's debut album, "Without You". Shot on locations in Austin, Texas and New York's Lower East Side this video production of his heartfelt song depicts the loss of a true love and the associated memories which give solace and purpose to carrying on.

Ugly Christmas Sweater-Music Video: A music video for the song Ugly Christmas Sweater, by Girlhouse. The video features an animatronic clockwork machine that brings the song to life.
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