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"Knee Slappers" Block

Date: Feb 18, 2022
Time: 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Cycles: Fidji and Jérôme, a dysfunctional couple, attempt a robbery at their laudromat.

Afghan Kush

Customer Service: Tony Rios is a character actor always cast as the bad guy in TV shows and all he wants is to be a romantic lead in a Hallmark movie. During the pandemic his luck changes after meeting his number one fan virtually, Grace, while she’s repairing his computer over a Zoom call.

Fully Formed Adults: Pay Or Quit: Brandon wants to evict Sean, but Sean has "stuff to trade!"

Hard-ish Bodies: A plus-size male stripper knocks on the wrong door and is thrust into the criminal underworld. His only chance to save the club and himself is to do what he does best... DANCE!

Milk Toast : A man faces an existential crisis over toast.

Quiet On The Set: An actress assaulted on a film set during the filming of a sex scene, must choose whether to pursue accusations or complete the film that could start her career.

Sex Toy: No lube, porn or masturbation technique can help Noah, he just can't cum! Sexually frustrated and out of options he decides to order a new Sex Toy off the internet but it turns his life upside down when his parents think Noah's new friend would make the perfect wife.

The Anxious Taxidermist - A Musical: The story of Marie, a young woman who uses her secret passion for rogue taxidermy to cope with debilitating anxiety. She needs a job and the opportunity to preserve a Hollywood Has-been's deceased pet Shih tzu may just be the answer...

The Mismanagement of Medwin Monroe: A Machiavellian middle manager toys with his employees in this send-up of Corporate America.

The Perfect FU Font: How do you respond to a breakup email? And more importantly, which font best represents "f*ck you?"
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