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Date: Feb 17, 2022
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Caprock:Two sisters traveling West take a detour to a small motel with plans to explore a serial killer’s old dumping ground.

Dog4Life: A failed filmmaker decides to end it all after yet another rejection, but her dog has other plans. A story about never knowing what's around the corner.

Hotline:A Thanksgiving kitchen crisis gives two lonely strangers a heartfelt connection.

I'll Miss You: A couple breaks up right before going to a friend's wedding.

Joe & The Shawl: Joe Potay, an adorable tow truck driver really digs Kelli, a fellow North Carolinian, when he meets her as he changes her dead car battery...

Out of the Walls: Jake must make his mother forgive herself for a tragic accident. As the walls of the house “breathe” making her fear they will swallow her, she drinks away her reality. Forced into sobriety and with Jake’s help, she cleans house and forgives herself.

Public writer - Season 3: Mathieu is a public writer in a poor neighbourhood of Montreal. For the past years, he discovered that his job is more about people than literature...

Salting the Fly: With a precarious fate approaching, Danny, an autistic teenager, and his older brother David perform a familiar childhood ritual to lighten the gravity of their plight. As time runs out, however, the brothers must leave their childhood behind to confront family demons, challenge futile beliefs, and transcend communication barriers to find solace amidst their crumbling world.

The Garage: Nearly finished clearing out her late sister's house, Anne is eager to return home. However, when she finally opens her sister's garage, she is surprised by what she finds.

The Influencers: In her quest to become a high powered Hollywood agent, a young woman ends up working at a small-time agency where she's forced to manage a bunch of “Influencers” and crazy YouTube stars... not all of them are cats.

The Last Two: Erin and Andrew are best friends who survived the apocalypse and need to repopulate Earth but really don't want to ruin their friendship by having sex. At least that’s what they say.

Three Grand Souls: A Post Traumatic Love story. Chuck a former Special forces vet suffering from PTSD wastes away in a motel room drinking himself to death meets Melinda, a brazen but beautiful prostitute who tries to save his broken soul, But is her soul darker than his?
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