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"Midday Creep" Block

Date: Feb 18, 2022
Time: 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

After Ray: In the aftermath of the singularity, Cole, the first “modified” human, struggles with memory loss, indicating an unstable future for humans and potential end to humanity.

Canis Major: An artist suffering from server writers block relies on the friendship of their dog in this multi-genre sci-fi short. Based on many true stories, this video-animation hybrid ruminates the relationship between dancing and earthly survival at the "end of the world"

Eat Your Heart Out: In Wallace’s world, falling in love means giving your heart away. Literally. With her wedding only days away, Wallace must retrieve her heart from Douglas, her first love, and put it back into her chest before walking down the aisle...

Go Ahead, Grab Time by the Throat: Abby and James got engaged and broke up on the same day. Abby filmed it on her phone and then made a movie about it two months later. This is that movie. Part documentary, part narrative, partly confusing for everyone.

Prodigals' Road: Set on a farm in 1960, a widower is coerced into sheltering a mysterious, injured woman whose misfortune spreads to his land...

SOLSTICE: During a brutal Winter storm, a bartender befriends a homeless man and brings him home for a warm meal and an ancient ritual.

The Squirrels In The Attic: When public defender Ingrid Donahue makes a house call to sex offender Dane Gage’s isolated home, the jarring appearance of a young woman, Kame, changes Ingrid’s focus of her interrogation.
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