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"Love After Death/No Easy Way Out" Block

Date: Feb 17, 2022
Time: 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Mettle: A group is attacked by an unknown creature. A woman is knocked unconscious during the attack and thought dead. The next day she awakens with a mission.

Out of Order: With a sudden disruption to her career, Annie is forced to look within herself to find what she wants out of life while fighting to do what we all must do - keep going.

Season of Victory: Vignette Three explores the Battle of San Jacinto, a fight some historians have referred to as "one of the most one-sided victories in history."

Wonderer: A mysterious woman roams the urban streets as she contemplates life. This journey will unlock the answer to her ultimate plan.

Zemblanity: Zemblanity is a slice of life film that questions the idea that everything happens for a reason. While on what seems to be a normal day out for a hike, two friends get confronted by what very well might be the hands of fate.

Ghost Note: A man does whatever he can to see his wife.

I'll Miss You: A couple breaks up right before going to a friend's wedding.

On the Road Again: A couple's car ride takes an unexpected turn.

Saving Salvador: A dark comedy about three sisters who take matters into their own hands when bureaucratic chaos prevents them from doing what’s right for their father.
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