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"Orbit's" Block

Date: Feb 18, 2022
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Aurora: A woman navigates a surreal landscape encountering memories of the past.

Delight: A child's innate desire for companionship leads to unforeseen dire consequences. A fantasy-thriller short.

Eyes...: A man in his morning routine is taken by surprise when eyes start appearing in objects around him.

Hey, It's Me: A selfish man tries to alter his destiny when he receives an ominous phone call from his future self.

Killing Time: To some people, having a phone that duplicates whatever it takes a picture of might seem like a super power. But for one troubled young man, this power becomes the ultimate weapon to keep his inner demons at bay.

Marshmallows: In a dystopian age, Elliot, a special youth and his mom help a gentleman caught up in the future, a woman stuck in the past, and a young man plagued by insecurities get where they need to go both physically and metaphysically.

Our Love

Smoking Gun: Dr. Mendez, a colorful astrophysicist, joins forces with Bobbi Calhoun, a conspiracy theorist, in order to uncover an alien invasion in their hometown...

Space Case: Space Case follows Bobbie Almond, a social outcast who has dreams to escape her small town life. She has a ticket to Mars! But when Bobbie's ticket to a new life gets stolen by her super Preppy sister, she's forced down a road of conformity, to be a part of the towns Beauty pageant! Will she conform? Or will she bail and follow her dreams!
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