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A Horses Prayer Trailer: Throughout history horses have served man with their heads held high …even when facing defeat. Today horses are in a great battle fighting for their lives, their dignity threatened, for a price on their hides...

Lines of Exile: Hamid Naficy’s fifty years of drawings of prominent scholars, philosophers, and theorists form a unique index of the evolution of cultural theory over the last decades. In this portrait, Naficy intimately recounts this evolution through his drawings.

Living Like A King: To most people an ideal life consists of a fulfilling career, children, home, and security. To Robert Earl it consists of installing a septic tank in the middle of the desert...

Not Nothing: At 40 a woman fleas from abuse, as her sisterhood faces the challenge of unconditional love.

Potable Water: In post-apocalyptic times, a man searches for clean water and comes face to face with something unimaginable...

The Race of Gentlemen: While the world is marching forward in the pursuit of new technology these gentlemen are stepping backwards and embracing the old technology as it relates to their passion for the “traditional’ style of hot rodding.

A Natural Choice: Carleen, a proud, beautiful black sister, is confronted by her boss about her hair style.
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