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"The Guilty and the Innocent" Block

Date: Feb 18, 2022
Time: 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Amaranth: After 73 years apart, two vampires explore their complicated relationship thru flashbacks.

Falling Sparrow: A young woman sets out to take her family's sword back from her murderous uncle.


Hungry Ghosts: Frank Duffy searches for his missing wife who has relapsed on heroin and disappeared. Day and night, he combs the crime-riddled streets, the crack houses. He even seeks advice from a voodoo lady who tells him his wife is being devoured by 'hungry ghosts', spirits who crave and eat away at the living...

Making Peace: Sometimes what you're afraid of, is what will set you free.

R.L Allman’s Peter Pan: With a dark, whimsical twist, we retell the story of Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn’t grow up. In this live-action modern version, San Francisco stands in as Neverland and we introduce Peter before his conflict with Hooke and take you on a wild ride around the gritty city of Neverland...

Post It: When a man finds a mysterious note in his home, his mind begins to unravel alongside the mystery.

The Badge, The Gun & The Hangman's Noose: A ruthless desperado faces the ghosts of his past, as he flees from the law of the Old West.
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