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"Varsity Films" Block

Date: Feb 19, 2022
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Chupacabra Uncovered: After discovering a chupacabra, two friends set out to make a documentary proving its existence equipped with a supposedly reliable resource from Reddit.

Colors Run: Colors Run follows the unlikely friendship of a broken old soul and a young imaginative girl. She dreams of an imaginary circus while he just wants out of this town to start a new. They never knew their paths would cross, much less they would save each other's lives.
Encrypted: A girl who is addicted to her phone gets consumed by her technology when she goes to the computer lab to meet her friend.

Melted:A young girl's ice cream fantasy could be a reality if it was not for a pesky yellow note from her mom. She's torn with a decision.

Potluck: Five lovely ladies organize a neighborhood get-together.

Rewind: Let's start over again.

The Spell: On Senior Skip Day, a pair of Satanist decide they deserve the day off too.

Tire Kickers: Blinded by naivety, Connor buys his first car over text. When he quickly realizes he has been pranked by prank star Prankity Spankity, he and his friend Brandy decide to take revenge. They soon find themselves pleading guilty for the pranksters death.
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